Daoura engineering has special optimised processes for projects development so that each project is handled with a Software controlling system, which supervises the following details:

  • Control of versions for software source codes.
  • Control of tasks, enhancements, bugs, etc.. associated with the project.
  • Control of documents associated with the project.
  • Management of users with authorisations.
  • General management of projects.

Our services:


  • Platform concepts • Definitions of interfaces and protocols
  • Viability studies • Analysis of the demand

Execution and implementation

  • Development of software and applications for PC.
  • Designing hardware and programming microcontrollers to control and connect machines and/or sensors/actuators systems.
  • Creation of software for displays • Development of firmware and drivers.
  • Programming SPS • Programming interfaces and transferring data through different bus systems.
  • Development and programming gateways as well as intelligent repeaters.
  • Development of monitoring and remote control systems • SCADA systems.
  • Test technologies  • Software simulations.
  • Development of components • Improvement and optimisation technology.

Project support

  • Requirements engineering and Management.
  • Requirement specification.
  • Project management • Version management.
  • Documentation • Instructions manual.


  • Starting up • Maintenance • Systems assistance • Support • Hotline.